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The SHOGUN LECTRI-CHARGE SYSTEM is unique in that its basically forty years back in technology, not high tech, but low tech. It operates on the same principal as a magneto, magnets, iron and wire. There are no brushes to bounce or cause electrical interference.

When set up properly with the proper amount of belt tension, its output is a minimum of 14.5 volts and 15 amps.

We conducted an extensive testing program using an outside independent test lab. The goal was to determine the various electrical problems which could or would cause 'ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCE' to happen.

The following are some Do's and Don'ts based on these tests.

Race cars have a huge potential for electrical problems ranging from electronic cross talk, EMI, RFI or radio interference, up to the most common, electrical shorts. There is also a big problem with batteries themselves; when is a battery good, when is it dead, deep cycle or non-deep cycle and how big is big enough. In answering some of these questions, we will base it on the thought that you must have an alternator.
  1. Never use a deep cycle battery! Size is up to you but a single 800 CCA rating is totally adequate.
  2. Always make sure the battery is fully charged before going to the race track. Racing alternators only maintain battery voltage, they are not intended to rebuild a dead battery.
  3. If your battery will only maintain 12.0 volts, not 12.2 or better, your battery is legally DEAD, replace it or stay home.
  4. When starting the engine, make sure all unnecessary electrical items such as water pump, fan, etc. are off.
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