Monday, November 24, 2014



Competition Rules and Car Eligibility
• Open to any Limited Late Model/Street Stock chassis with ABC, LMSC, or Muscle Car type body.
• All cars must run conventional suspension with 5” non-coil over springs. No Bump Stops or Coil Binding.
• one piece sway bars only
• Shocks must be steel bodied non- adjustable after-market non-re-buildable. No Schrader valves or external shock reservoirs permitted.
• Steering box/Rack & pinion
• OEM type Single piston Brakes. Multi-piston brakes add 25 pounds.
• All cars must pass inspection before entering the track for practice and qualifying.
• Radios are permitted for this event.
• 4 inch ride height nose to rear tire.
• All competing cars will be full-sized, stock, American manufactured passenger car bodies.
• Current ABC Body, LMSC Body or Muscle Car Body rules apply.
• Rear spoiler height may not exceed 6 ½” and may not exceed the maximum length of 60” wide. The maximum width of the spoiler will be measured across the rear of the spoiler, top 4 inch must be clear.
Tires and Wheels
• American Racer 970 is the only tire permitted. Soaking, softening or otherwise altering the composition of tires is not permitted.. Cars must start the Feature on the same tires on which they qualified. Only 15” x 8” or 15” x 10” steel wheels are permitted.
Track width / Wheel Base
• Maximum track width permitted for vehicles 67 other 69 perimeter chassis front or rear. Maximum track width measured at spindle height on the inside wheel bead of the right wheel and at the outside wheel bead of on the left wheel. On the back side.
• Any car competing with a wheelbase less than 105” may not exceed 56% left side weight, minimum wheel base of 101”. All wheelbase measurements will adhere ½ inch plus or minus on the opposite side.
Weight/Engine Rules
• Officials reserve the right to adjust these weight advantages/penalties in the interest of fair competition.
• All weights are taken with driver in the car with both hands on the steering wheel, prior to qualifying and prior to feature event.
3,000 lbs. 57% left side weight.
Straight Rail Chassis -1% left side weight.
Coil over Chassis add 25 lbs.
Multi-piston brakes add 25 lbs.
Compression motors add 50 lbs.
GM bowties are Legal.
Sealed 602- 100 lbs. 650 Legal Carb.
Sealed 604-50 lbs. 650 Legal Carb.
Sealed 347- 2BBL un-altered Holley.
350 Flat- 360 Max CI 750 Holley over 360ci 2BBL
Comp Motor + 50lbs. with 750 4BBL No weight if 500 2BBL.
Engines must be located so that the forward-most spark plug hole is within 2” of the center line of the upper ball joints.
Crankshaft must be centered within 1” of the vehicle’s frame rails.
Minimum clearance between the center of the crankshaft and the ground must be 10”.
No Dry Sumps Systems permitted.
Factory GM Crate engine must be from factory, untouched, unopened and sealed with Data Sheet matching serial numbers. Must have GM 6 ¾” harmonic balancer, part#12551537 or the GM harmonic balancer that comes with the crate engine. It is mandatory to use the 1.5 ratio rocker arms; part # 12367345 and GM valve springs part# 12551483 on all GM sealed crate engines.
360 ci or less 750 Holley, Over 360 ci 2 BBL Holley.
• The carburetor must be a Holley 4412 - 500 CFM (casting No. 3250). The only modifications permitted are:
The choke air horn may be removed with a square-mill cut.
The butterflies may be drilled with one idle hole each (maximum of 3/16-in. in diameter).
Cam and accelerator pump may be replaced with aftermarket parts.
The choke and linkage may be removed, but screw holes must be filled.
Power valves, metering blocks and floats may be modified.
• The carburetor for the factory sealed 604 Crate motor must be a “BOX STOCK” Holley 4150 – 650 CFM (P/N 80541-1).
• All cars must use WCSSS-approved fuel. No additives of any kind.
Pit Area Parking
• Pit area parking will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
Pit Area Rules
• Pit area speed limit is 5 mph for all vehicles.
• If involved in an altercation address the Race Director. Do not go to any other pit stall or you will lose your pay for the night.
Tech Inspection
• $10 Tech fee per race.
• All cars must go through tech inspection prior to taking the track for practice. All competing cars will declare their engine combination to the tech department and the vehicle weight will be recorded. The vehicle must adhere to the specifications of such declaration. The tech dept. reserves the right to inspect any vehicle at any time to verify engine/weight combinations.
• Once you have completed the initial tech inspection, you will not be required to go through tech until prior to qualifying and prior to the A-Feature. All cars are subject to tech inspection before and/or after qualifying and racing.
• Scales will be set up all weekend for your use in reaching your proper weight for the event.
• Post-feature tech will be required for the Top 3 finishers and any randomly selected competitors.