Monday, November 16, 2015


Mad MaX Extreme Racing Rules


The guidelines and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. Those guidelines shall govern the condition of events and participation therein. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of events and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. The tech director, or the management shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the guidelines and/or regulations will be the responsibility of Saratoga Speedway officials, whose decisions are final.


ANY 4 or 6 CYLINDER 2 or 4 door CAR Small TRUCK or Mini Van, 1985 OR NEWER. Front or Rear Wheel Drive, No four wheel drives, no mid-engine cars allowed.


1. Dash may be removed.
No airbags allowed!
2. Seat for driver and passenger must be securely mounted to the floor and solid in place. The seat may NOT move or fold. If you want to put a race seat in, it is allowable!
3. The interior floor pan must remain stock as produced for the year of your car.
4. Doors may be gutted, only to allow for door bars


1. Bodies must be neat appearing and have a theme, ie: Batman or Superman, mini vans can have the roof lowered.
2. No factory latches allowed for hood and trunk lid. All springs should be removed and hood/truck should be secured with hood pins.
3. No open Sun Roofs allowed.
4. NO glass allowed anywhere on vehicle except for the windshield. All stock glass must be removed. Lexan windshield window allowed and highly recommended.
5. Drivers and passenger doors MUST be chained or welded shut. Door plates highly recommended. Window area must have a removable window net, passenger side if being used.
6. Bumpers must be secured to frame must wrap around and be fastened to fenders, and have smooth ends, so cars do not hook together. All cars must have a tow hook front and rear, painted in florescent orange, capable of supporting the car. Tow hooks will be tested prior to be eligible to race.
7. Hood and Trunk should remain stock and not gutted.
8. Third brake lights allowed.
9. No rear or side windows allowed.
10. Must have a minimum of two door bars securely bolted to car body, on hinge side of fender, extending to rear fender, must have 6” X 6” by 1/8 thick washers. and must be plated with 1/8” steel and as long and high as the door is. If made for passengers, both doors must be done.
Right side must have at least one diagonal door bar.
11. Roll cage must be 4 post and in an approved design. Must be made out of at least 095 DOM round tubing. Cage must be mounted on 1/8” 8 X 8 steel plates and be official approved.


Four Cylinder, V-tec, inline or V-6 engines allowed. No Turbo Charged engines. No Super Chargers. Must start at all times.
1. Stock engine for that make and model and year. All parts must be factory stock!
2. No cutting, blasting, grinding, adding or removing of any part of engine block or cylinder head.
3. Cold Air intakes Allowed to front grill area only, not though hood.
4. Engines must remain stock cubic inch and compression ratio for engine as stock for that vehicle.
5. Engine kill switch in highly recommended and should be painted orange and marked “kill switch” and be in reach of the driver.
6. Stock transmissions and clutches must be used. Aftermarket OEM style clutches and plates may be used.
7. All insulation under hood must be removed.
8 Battery must be in driver’s compartment in sealed plastic or metal boat style box. Battery must be securely mounted to the floor.
9. Exhaust must be complete and leak free!
10. Mufflers may be required on cars over 95 db’s.


1. Steering and suspension must remain stock. No modifications. However, springs may be cut to lower the ride height. Post race ride heights must be a minimum of 4” with driver in the car. This measurement excludes exhaust, suspension mounting points and control arms.
2. All suspension must remain as STOCK from manufacturer and may not be upgraded in any way. All rubber bushings and stock suspension components must remain stock.
3. 2” of camber is allowed measured with a carpenter’s square


1. Any radiator is allowed provided that it fits within the stock mounts.
2. All radiators must be securely mounted and held in place with straps or braces.
3. No Antifreeze allowed! Only water is allowed!


1. If gas tank is mounted ahead of rear axle, it may remain in place.
2. If the gas tank is mounted behind the rear axle, a fuel cell should replace said gas tank. Otherwise, the gas tank should be mounted ahead of rear axle. Fuel cells are recommended.


1. DOT TIRES ONLY. NO RACING TIRES! All tires must same size, maximum width 205- minimum aspect ratio 55.
2. Wheels (rims) may be a maximum of 16” and must remain the same on all four corners. Max rim width is 71/2”.
3. You may use a Race Wheel (rim) on Right front.
4. Tire cannot stick out further than 1 ¾ inch from normal body line.


1. Helmet must meet minimum DOT standards.
2. Helmet must be Snell Rated and the SA rating must be within 10 years of age.
3. Fire proof racing suits, or Cotton coveralls that have been treated with borax allowed, fireproof gloves, shoes, highly recommended. Gloves and goggles are mandatory. This is for your safety, so please adhere to this recommendation.
4. 2 1/2 pound fire extinguishers highly recommended for placement in car within reach of driver. A minimum of 5 pound extinguisher is mandatory in pit area.
5. Window nets and 4/5 point mounting seat belts are MANDATORY!
6. A minimum of 18” high numbers must be placed on doors and roof sign. No spray painted numbers allowed. Windshield must have a minimum 4” numbers.
7. It is mandatory to have a minimum of 4 point roll cage with door bars connected to vertical bars. Must be constructed of 1 ¾ “ x 0.095 diameter tube and must be welded/bolted with a minimum of 8” x 8” x 1/8” sandwich plates to the floor.
8. ALL flammable parts must be removed from car.


All cars are subject to a minimum specification inspection at any time. It is he responsibility of the driver to prepare their car free of defects and SAFE racing conditions.


Experienced drivers are acceptable. It is the goal of this class to learn the basics of auto racing in an extreme way. Saratoga Speedway reserves the right to alter any rules during the season. Drivers should race only within their capabilities. Rough racing will be encouraged. This is a contact class and drivers will learn the meaning that rubbing is racin